Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Making it

Today is a better day, not a lot but manageable. We are experiencing bad weather so that is making my fibro act up. We are currently under flash flood watch. I have been using my oils today with success. Still aching but not near as painful as yesterday.

I know while we are under a flash flood watch others are in a drought. Isn't that crazy! Too bad we can't just share with them. I believe this time of year everyone is ready for warm weather. Everyone is in the process of planting seeds in order to be able to transport them into the ground when the weather is right. I have decided to put in an herb garden this year so I'm excited to see what it brings.

We are still anxiously awaiting lambs to be on the ground yet thankful they are not coming in the muddy mess we are dealing with. I think the geese and ducks are even tired of this nasty wet weather. Speaking of geese, our Sebastopol geese have started laying and we have several of their eggs in the incubator. We will also continue to have eggs available through the rest of the laying year. The eggs are $10 each plus shipping and we are NPIP. Don't miss out on your chance at some of these very comical geese.

Also available are several rabbits including meat, tan, dutch and english lops. We showed in Louisiana on Sat and done a good job. Currently waiting on show report because I was running from one table to the other to show the breeds we had taken. Another reason my fibro flared up, as usual I over did it. I think that is the hardest thing for me to learn not to do. I always end up doing too much because I feel guilty not pulling my weight.

I am doing my best to learn to take better care of myself, It is hard with being a mother, wife, 4H leader, working full time plus running farm and helping with several organizations. I have slowly been saying NO.

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